5 reasons why you should consider having a self-hosted blog

Everywhere you go in the blogging world there is always the same question.  Everyone new to blogging wants to know how to start their own blog, and if they should have a free or paid blog.

Any blogging group you go into, there will be questions about how to start a blog and the big debate around self-hosted WordPress vs the free option, or other plans they have available.

I think it depends on what you are after your blog for, or if you are just testing out the waters before jumping in properly.  I started on a free WordPress blog and it served its purpose for me, for a while.  I realised that blogging was right for me and that meant that the best option was self-hosted.


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What does this mean?

A self-hosted blog is where you get a company like (affiliate) the one I use 1and1, or Bluehost, Siteground, etc. and either pay for or get given a free domain.  You install WordPress or whatever platform you want to use on that domain and you own it and all its content.  You can do whatever you want with this website, including monetising it. This means you will own a yourdomain.com or whatever you want your domain to be.

The other option is a free domain service, where you don’t own it.  Your website will be yourdomain.wordpress.com for instance.  You can’t monetize, or adapt it to meet your exact specifications properly like you can with the self-hosted.  You get the option to upgrade with them for more features, but it doesn’t give you total control completely and I wouldn’t advise anyone goes for that option.

In my experience, it’s cheaper to actually have a self-hosted domain, than to upgrade with WordPress.


5 reasons you should have a self-hosted domain.

  1. You are in full control
  2. You can monetise
  3. You can have a custom email address
  4. You can have your own domain name
  5. Cost Effective


1. You are in full control

You get complete control over your website. You have a choice of hundreds of themes, both free and premium (paid for).  This means you can make it look exactly how you want it to look without restrictions.

My theme has so many options available to customise and as of July 2017, it’s on the free version of it, but I am looking at upgrading it soon.

I love how much you can do with your WordPress site, I felt severely restricted on how the blog looked when I was with the free WordPress.


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2. You can monetise

Monetization isn’t for everybody, I understand that.  Not everybody wants to make money from their blogs, but if you did in the future, then you can do so with a self-hosted website.

You can use ads, affiliates and all sorts of ways to make money from your blog and turn it into a business.


3. You can have a custom email address

Most hosting packages that I’ve looked at give you an option to have your own email address, like name.yourdomain.com.  This looks so much more professional than any of the free email subscribers.  My hosting package gives me an option to have a free email with my blog.   It doesn’t cost me any more and helps me look more professional and I think it’s easier to remember too.


4. You can have your own domain name

I’ve mentioned before, that with the Free WordPress you get blogname.wordpress.com as your domain.  If you go self-hosted, you get to choose your own domain name.  I use writeletscreate.com and sparkleandflourish.co.uk


5. Cost effective

Having your website self-hosted works out cheaper than it does if you upgrade WordPress.com  and with the added benefits I’ve been talking about above.  It makes it so much better Just pay a low monthly, or yearly fee and you’re all set to go.


Bonus Benefit

The bonus to all of this a lot of packages now provide an easy option to install WordPress for you onto your site.  This is what my hosting package does for me.  This I tell you is a whole lot easier than having to install it from the backend like I had to when I first went self-hosted 2 1/2 years ago.

I would highly recommend you take a look around at hosting packages before buying, but I definitely (affiliate) recommend 1and1. I have never had a problem with them being down for long, I get free site security, to make my website an https instead and the free email address, along with so many other benefits.


I would recommend you to read this blog post, or this blog post if you want to find out more information on where to start with getting your own blog.


Thank you for reading

Love and Light

Sarah Tilsley

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