A new month is the perfect beginning to start you off right. Forming habits that will help you feels amazing.  My mindset is always the best at the beginning of the month, I’m always ready to slay my tasks and I have the best intentions.  July was the first month I ever followed through completing everything each day. If I can start forming habits, you can do it to.


If you read my blog post, Does it really take 28 days to form a habit in July, you will know that I made the decision to start forming good, habits for my life and business.  For the month of July, I made a point of completing all my tasks on my list. It was an amazing month and I felt fantastic for completing it.


August is here I am still completing these tasks, and I’m even planning on adding a few things too. If July is anything to go by then it’s just going to get easier. I’m not sure I could stop completing these tasks if I wanted to anyway. Seeing your list completed daily feels amazing. I just automatically sit down and do the tasks in the morning and I make sure I complete anything left over on my list before I go to bed.


My task for you is to write a daily to-do list and start completing them.  I want you to tick them off as you go along and please let me know how you got on and how it made you feel at the end of the month.  Please remember, your mind will try to find all sorts of reasons not to complete these tasks at some point, ignore it and do it anyway.

Thank you for reading

Love and Light

Sarah Tilsley

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