My blogging Past


I started off blogging 3 years ago, I wasn’t even sure what for at the time.  I’d always wanted to be a writer and blogging felt like the perfect outlet for my writing needs.  I was always an avid reader and blogging became somewhere I could review fiction books.  It’s then I started reading all sorts of things about blogging. I loved learning and this helped pass the time when my son was at school.  I could focus on reading, writing, learning and blogging. What else was there to do whilst my son was at school right?




I learnt a lot quite quickly, and I was consuming all the books and knowledge I could find.  I taught myself how to use blogger initially, then the free version of WordPress through

Blogger was ok for a week or so, but I found it incredibly frustrating. I tried everything I could, but I wasn’t comfortable with how it looked at all.  I switched to the free WordPress and that didn’t last long either.  I’m terrible with needing things to be just like I envisioned, it had to be right.  The more I started learning, the more it became clear to me that I needed a domain.  If it was to fit my style properly, it had to be that was the answer to all my prayers.  I could finally get the ideas for my blog and the way it should look onto the website properly


Readers Block


A solid 6 months I ran my blog, but I ran into a reader’s block and couldn’t read for a long time and my passion for writing about books died with it and so did my blog. It was hard to continue with a book blog if I couldn’t read a book for long.


To cut a long story short, I bought a different domain in 2016 to add beauty to my list and I loved that too.  It meant that I could have beauty and skin care products to write about when I couldn’t read.  It was fantastic for around 6 months and by that point, I started to realise that blog posts were more about blogging, writing, business, etc.  I needed to change my blog’s name and I wanted to re-design from scratch again too.  It took a good while of running that blog in the background and deciding on what I was going to name my blog and how I was going to incorporate all my things into a blog without having too many things to talk about that varied so much from each other.




I thought long and hard about it and couldn’t decide, until one day it just came to me.  I’d read Carrie Green’s book called She Means Business and this is when I realised exactly what I should have been doing all along.  Her book changed my life because it gave me a lot of clarity on what I should be doing and where my business should be heading at this point.


I found my home


To say I’ve jumped around a lot would be an understatement, but I’ve finally found my niche and my two blogs are my babies. I know I’ve finally found niches that I could write about for as long time to come.


I’m so excited to bring you this blog and I have a lot of plans to work on creating the right things to help you out with your blogs too.


There will be another blog post written about how Write Let’s Create Came about and also add a video to my about page for you all pretty soon too.


I’m so happy you’re here. Please introduce yourself in the comments.


Are you a blogger already, or still deciding on where to start?


Thank you for reading

Love and Light

Sarah Tilsley


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