I read books, what’s the point of going to events too?


Yes, I wondered this too when I first started my business. I don’t need them, I’m learning through googling, books and YouTube.  I thought that was enough, but I was wrong.  It didn’t take me long to realise how wrong I was. I went to my first business event in May 2016. I didn’t want to go, I thought I could just catch up on the event through periscopes, etc from those that attended  I was told that it was important, so I did it anyway. It was terrifying being around all those people.  You wouldn’t believe how much different it felt being at an event, to actually watching it on a video.  It was the just over 2 weeks later that I got my first promotion in my network marketing company.  I was hooked.


So What will I get from it?


The atmosphere at these events is incredible.  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  You get into all the shouting, laughing and crying when the crowd goes wild, you do too. The people are amazing and they’re all the for the same thing. It’s insanely important to be around like-minded people and learn at these events.   You can network with these people, make friends and learn from them.  The information you learn and the experience you get is so worth it. If you can get yourself to an event, do it. Hell, sell something if you need to, just get yourself there.


How events have changed me


I’ve just recently come back from my third event and to say my confidence has changed since that first one is a massive understatement. It’s down to the things I’ve learnt and my need to learn to cope better with crowds of people. I was a mess on my first and second events. My confidence was less than low and my anxiety was sky high. I’m actually surprised I wasn’t sick, I was that nervous. Can you imagine having to throw up with 1500 women around? 😂  Yeah, let’s not go there shall we.

People can change, confidence grows, you learn to deal with any issues you might have, but the first step to all that is taking yourself to that first event. Go, take it in, then come back here and tell me how it went.

How were you are your first event? What changed between then and now?


Thank you for reading

Love and light

Sarah Tilsley


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