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  • You want your own blog or website
  • Love to write
  • You want to learn more about organising your blog and business
  • Are interesting in learning about blogging
  • You want to learn about WordPress
  • You have started, or want to start your own business


What I Do

I help people who want to learn how to use WordPress and blogging so that they can write and share their gifts with the world.

I write about building your own website, writing, blogging. WordPress is my choice and I want to share all things related blogging in general.  My aim is to build a community of people who will learn from and help each other as they are building and growing their websites.

About Me

I’m a network marketing mum of one gorgeous boy, who is 8 years old. He is my life and he is the one I am building a life for. He saved my life when he came along and he deserves the whole world and I am working to help provide him with that.  I love crystals and all things spiritual, reading personal development, thriller and horror books, writing and blogging. I have a passion for helping other people learn about WordPress, blogging and writing. As I develop this website I want to create blog posts, products, and services that will help you learn too.

I’ve been denying my passion for a long time. I wanted to deny my love for building websites, blogging and writing because I feared other people wouldn’t want to listen to me. Why would anyone want to learn from a 30+ woman like me?  I was wrong.  It just isn’t true,  I really do have a talent for this and that is why I am sharing it with you.

I know WordPress has a learning curve and it’s taken me nearly 3 years of learning, building and re-building my own websites over those years to learn some of the things I know now.  The learning will continue and I will not stop sharing it with you. I am now ready to help you learn what I have and to build your very own websites too.


My Experience

I started blogging in September 2014 about fiction books and added beauty to it in October 2015 when I started my international cosmetics business. In May 2017 I re-launched and re-branded my blog completely where I launched Sparkle and Flourish and that blog continues to be my passion too. Who says you can’t have two blogs on two different niches?

I may only be a few years into this journey myself, but I know that I can help you too.

  Thank you so much for reading


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